Cryptic Platonics is a collectibles project with a fixed size of 3141(piK) platonic solids.
Initially, 1618 (phiK) platonic solids were launched at once by Addoniz(1), the remaining ones are going to be gradually launched after they’ve been introduced as CGI in each episode of the iVerse(2) series.
We consider that our NFTs are exactly how they should be, which means, their metadata should be stored on decentralized storage (IPFS). if you find some of our NFTs (the first and last hundreds) have frozen metadata and some don’t (The hundreds in between), know that we’re freezing them one by one, and this takes time. By the end, all of the metadata will be frozen.
(1) Addoniz is the group of people working on the project.
(2) The iVerse is an imaginary world where existence is given an imaginary meaning.